Introduction of world weapons


The weapon that comes out when seeing the battle and the historical drama is limited to a certain length such as Japanese Swords and spears.

Even if there is a certain knowledge in the work in Japan, “nunchaku”, “tongfer” and “double-hand sword” that come out in the movie in the outside country, etc.are not familiar, and I think that it knows nothing about usage and the name of the name somehow.

In order to know the characteristics of Japan’s unique weapons, such as Japanese Swords, I would like to focus on weapons outside Japan and to focus on the usage and history.

Table of contents

1. Foreign Swords

1-1. Chinese lizard and Blue Dragon

1-2.The pirate blade cutlass

1-3. Sword of the Middle East

2.Foreign sword

2-1. European sword saber

2-1-2. Japanese sword Bastard Sword and two hang sword

3. Foreign blunt

3-1.Mace and Tomahawk

1. Foreign Swords

We live in Japan, and it is said that “sword” comes out and Japanese sword comes out, and foreign sword does not come out very much, but the sword has not only Japanese sword but also arms that made its own evolution in each country.

I want to see the sword of each country here.

1-1. Chinese lizard and Blue Dragon

The Chinese sword is classified into a swords and a lizard. The Naito is a sword made by Japanese pirate “Wako,” based on the Japanese sword (called Tachi). Therefore, the shape is similar to the Japanese sword, but because the big sword has become a model, it is made to be lighter and lighter than the sword.

I think you will imagine a sword of a big special shape like the blue dragon moon moon.

The blue dragon enryaku sword is a long sword like a naginata used by the sekkan of the Three Kingdoms, but the short Chinese sword with the shape of the blade is sometimes referred to as the blue dragon sword, which is called “yanagikito.”

Yanagikito is a weapon that shows the true value by cutting a sword wide and wide by using a sword and a sword.

1-2.The pirate blade cutlass

Pirates of the Caribbean, pirates and other pirate movies often use the sword in the fight scene.

It is a blade specially curved to make the blade big curved.

The reason why the pirate is used is that it is because it is handled in a narrow place such as a ship because the blade is short.

The cutlass is also a weapon, but it has one side of agricultural tools, and is used in the Caribbean and Middle American tropical rain forests and sugarcane fields.

1-3. Sword of the Middle East

The Disney character Aladdin is using the sword. Although the sword used by Aladdin cannot be specified, there is a sword called “talir” which is transmitted in the Middle East in a similar form.

Tarwal was developed and developed with a single edged sword in Arab, Persian, Turkey and Afghanistan. Therefore, it has been widely transmitted in the Middle East and has influenced the shape of the saber in Britain.

It is a sword that is made to be big, and it is made to kill, and it is good to say that the sword is floating on the blade and is close to the Japanese sword.

The main difference between the Japanese sword and the sword is the structure, and it is made up of different parts.

2. Foreign sword

The word “sword” is familiar to the word “sword”, and it is said that “sword” comes out in the world of the game and the cartoon, and I think that there is a feeling that it is familiar with the sword as compared with “sword”.

In the first place, the term “sword” refers to the arms of the arms with the blade of two blades (double-edged), and the sword refers to the weapon of one edged hand.

By the way, the word “the sword of two blade” means “there is a danger that the sword with the blade on both sides is afraid to be able to be damaged by shaking up and trying to cut the other side,” but even if it is very useful, on the other hand, there is a risk of causing serious harm.

Let’s look at the foreign sword.

2-1. European sword saber

Saber is a single edged sword handed down to Europe. Even if it says one blade, most of saber has a blade in about one third of the peak of the Japanese sword, so I classified it into a sword.

There were also cases of warp similar to Japanese Swords and used on horses. The difference is seen, but it has the role of protecting the fingers and hands in a semicircular shape to which the tsuba is connected to the handle butt.

Because the Japanese sword was a small horse of pony that the structure of the warp and the horse that it used were now the pony, it was not possible to use it on the horse.

In Europe, horse horsepower was strong, and it was said that there were many cases in which the shoulder was dislocated by the impact of the blow, and the sword did not go out and the horse fell.

In Europe, there was a manor in the battle, and it was said that it was violation of manners to cut the other horse. This saber was used as a Japanese sword in the Meiji period.

2-1-2.The Japanese sword Bastard Sword and the translated sword in Europe

Because the battle of Europe wore armor, the European sword was not suitable for hitting the main. It was a bastard sword made for that purpose.

The Bastard Sword is a sword that can both kill and stab. When it appeared, it became the weapon of the popularity popular from the height of the attack power, but after that, the appearance of the gun and the slender sword quickly moved away from the main weapon.

Also, because the Bastard Sword is longer than the traditional sword, it is said that the spread of the Bastard Sword was not used because it did not become an object if it did not take care of the Bastard Sword.

This Bastard Sword often comes out in the game, but the sword seen in the cartoon and the game is often called a “sword dead sword”, and it is said that it is a sword that cannot be treated without holding it with both hands. This “Thunderbolt” is a weapon used in Germany.

3. Foreign blunt

In Japan, arms such as hammer and axe are not so prominent, but it is a historical weapon used in foreign countries.

3-1.Mace and Tomahawk

It is “mace” and “Tomahawk” that everyone has heard as a blunt. Mace is a weapon developed from a club, and is made up of two parts of the head and neck from the weight, and it is a weapon that can use a heavy lark to attack it. It was a weapon that was active to the opponent wearing the armor basically until the armor was discontinued by the appearance of the gun. Moreover, mace was used as a symbol of power for festival.

On the other hand, Tomahawk refers to the axe used by North American Indians. This Tomahawk original handle was made of wood and a stone axe and a blackstick on the tip, but the axe became iron after European civilization entered the United States.

It is said that Tomahawk is currently used in the army of each country, and the ability to kill is high, and it is said that there are many advantages such as cutting the trees in the action in the jungle zone.


This time, I looked at the foreign weapon that was not familiar usually. It was not only Japanese sword but also in each country.

The strength of the sword is influenced by the strength and sharpness of Japanese sword.

The weapon that became mainstream in Japan and the outside country seems to be a long article and a dull.

Because I paid attention to the outside this time, I could not introduce the weapon used in “ryukyubujutsu”, but I would like to pay attention to “ryukyubujutsu” with various things.