TATE as cultural exchange


I have seen “Japanese sword boom” in the past several years, and it is often seen in TV and magazine. Even if it is said that the boom is happening, it may not be possible to be able to feel the boom when it lives normally though it is not possible to be able to feel the boom very much, but when it is in the demise classroom, the person who likes the game and the cartoon etc.and has longed for the killing camp, and it is possible to be able to make a lot to the student who came to learn the fight by the chance of seeing the stage I think that the boom is not a lie.

Boom is not only in Japan but also boom between foreign countries and foreigners.

Japan Expo and Cultural Exchange Association in various countries have been demonstrating the appearance of a thief at the various places.

In the first place, the image of Japan viewed from a foreigner is said to be the reason why “the sword and the Ninja” using the Japanese sword becomes popular because “samurai and Ninja” comes to the top.

I want to look at the fact that I actually experienced “TATE” as cultural exchange this time.

Table of contents

1.Japanese perception from foreigner

2.Foreign tourists and TATE

2-1.Experience with American tourists

2-2.Experiences of Russian tourists

2-3.Experiences of Saudi Arabians


1.Japanese perception from foreigner

I hear that there is a person who thinks that there is still “samurai and Ninja” still in Japan still in Japan.

If you live in Japan, of course, it is understood that “samurai and Ninja” is no longer in the present age, but foreigners are not.

I don’t know how foreigners recognize their country, but if you look at the image of other countries, you may find out what recognition you think is “samurai or Ninja”.

For example, I think that the image that the Japanese people have against “India” is “curry” and “turban”.

In fact, it is rare to see a person who has turned a turban around to India.

The image of “samurai and Ninja” that foreigners have in Japan is similar to the image of “turban” in India.

SAMURAI’ve has a samurai experience plan for foreign tourists.

It is convinced that it is interested to come to Japan from foreign countries because there is not the chance that the person who lives in Japan even if it is an actor is not an opportunity to experience the killing.

2.Foreigners and TATE 

Sam live has been a samurai experience for foreigners who came to Japan from various countries.

I think that it is possible to imagine that foreign people can enjoy being interested in the killing position, but I want to write about how to experience, what to enjoy, and where I was impressed.

2-1. Experience with American tourists

There are many nationalities who participate in the samurai experience in Sam live, but there are many foreign countries who live in Australia and America.

I want to introduce the state of the experience remaining in impression.

First of all, I would like to introduce Japanese experience in English. This customer participated in three Americans.

As a birthday present of a friend who is a big fan of anime “Fuyu no Kenshin”, I had a samurai experience. The visitor who has a samurai experience with a foreigner is dressed in the shape of “samurai”, and there are many people who are interested in the killing of the sword.

In this case, I brought the costume of the protagonist of “furoki Kenshin”, dressed in the costume, and carried out the samurai experience. It was surprise, and the person in the person raised the voice and was glad. Of course, the pilgrimage was carried out with the motif of the reverse edged sword of “furoken Kenshin”.

There are several cases where you can use the samurai experience as someone’s present.

2-2.Experiences of Russian tourists

Next, it is the people who came to experience in the Russian family.

I joined a 5 year old girl from Russia, 6 year old boy, mother and interpreter.

It was the participation book in four persons, and it participated in the samurai experience on the day that came to Japan, and the mother was tired, so I watched it early and took a picture of the child like a cameraman.

Children also use children’s knives and swords to make the samurai experience the same as adults. It is possible to make a Ninja Costume if there is a request in advance.

It is thought that the image of a samurai is strong for a Japanese person because of the popularity of the Ninja as the samurai actually, and there was a little surprise when I started to fight with the foreigner.

It was the reason why Ninja was popular, but it was said that it was said that the influence of “mutanto Ninja Turtles” or “Naruto” which is popular popular in the United States of America was influenced by the foreigner who came to experience.

This time, Russian children were experiencing samurai, but they said they wanted to roll cloth in their eyes like turtles.

It seemed to have been tired after the long distance movement, but it was very interesting to explain how to treat Japanese etiquette and the sword, and when the time of standing, the children forgot fatigue and enjoyed it.

When I was standing up, I couldn’t leave the walls of nature and language, and I could talk with my children through the killing.

I enjoyed studying Japanese culture and thinking so much that I would like to come to tomorrow.

2-3.Experiences of Saudi Arabians

Do you know Saudi Arabia’s flag?

Saudi Arabia is a kingdom where Muslims do not accept religious beliefs in other religions, and there is a sword in the national flag of the Quran which means the guardian of the sacred Mecca under the letters written in Arabia.

SAMURAI’ve has dozens of Saudi Arabian students every year.

Saudi Arabia was very interested in the fact that the sword was familiar with the sword as if the sword was written in the national flag, and the samurai was treated as a “soul” with the sword, and other customers in the country asked for the tentative contents such as the etiquette of Japan, the attitude of the Samurai and the handling of the sword.

It is natural that the culture is different from the other countries, but I enjoyed the difference of culture from the common term of the sword in Saudi Arabian culture and the sword of Japanese samurai very important.

Of course, it was not only the sitting science but also the killing and standing of the Japanese sword.


It is said that “the TATE ” is “communication without the word” when it feels with the foreigner in the samurai experience every time.

It is various depending on the customer what to ask for the experience of the samurai, but the customer is very happy.

Even if the explanation of the courtesy and the practice of the technique can feel a little word wall, even if it is really mysterious, it becomes possible to communicate by the eyes of each other only in English, Russian, Saudi Arabia, Spanish and Japanese.

As a cultural exchange, the “TATE ” as a communication tool is packed with mysterious charm. If you come from a foreign country, why don’t you take a samurai experience together?